The wicked wit of Winston Churchill – Dominique Enright


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He took his seat in Parliament in the reign of Queen Victoria, and died when Lyndon Johnson was in his second year as US President. He fought as a soldier in four campaigns and as a war correspondent made an epic escape from Boer captivity. He wrote histories, biographies, memoirs, and even a novel, while his journalism, speeches and broadcasts run to millions of words. From 1940 he inspired and united the British people on the brink of defeat and guided their war effort first to resist and ultimately to crush the Axis powers. Sir Winston Churchill was also a man of vast humanity and enormous wit. His most famous speeches and sayings have passed into history but many of his aphorisms, puns and jokes are less well known. This enchanting collection brings together hundreds of his wittiest and wickedest quips as a record of all that was best about this lovable, infuriatingly conceited, wildly funny, and brilliantly talented Englishman.




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