Philip Glenister – Things ain’t what they used to be


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Were the 70s and 80s all they were cracked up to be? Or have we never had it so good? Philip Glenister – one of our best-loved actors – takes a swig of Babycham, jumps on his space hopper, and heads off down memory lane to find out. Which Bond was better – Roger Moore or Daniel Craig? Was life better when we were served lashings of gravy, instead of a ‘drizzle of jus’? And – most important of all – have Curly Wurlys really got smaller, or have we all just got bigger? Philip Glenister’s ‘Things Ain’t What They Used to Be’ is a hilarious and affectionate look at the good, the bad and the ugly from three very different decades, that will have you laughing (and cringing) with recognition. If you’re going on a nostalgia trip, you couldn’t ask for a better guide.




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