Home and dry in France – George East


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THIS SURELY IS THE BIBLE ON LIVING IN FRANCE. In this hilarious collection of cautionary tales and anecdotes, George East, being the first writer to discuss all the delights and drawbacks of finding, buying and restoring French property. HOME & DRY IN FRANCE follows the early adventures of George and Donella East as they make every mistake in the (not-then-written) book about how and how not to buy a second home across the Channel. Tellingly subtitled A YEAR IN PURGATORY, the book is much more than a listing of all the awful pitfalls awaiting the innocent abroad: it is the hilarious and always entertaining account of how a couple set out with a dream…and came close to turning it in to a nightmare. THIS BOOK is not a pale imitation of what has gone before. It is the first of its kind. It is of high quality in content as well as writing by a very experienced author. George is clearly one of the funniest writers of this age. TRY IT! And let us know what you think on this page.




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