Do You Scratch Your Bottom in the Bath-Michael R. Turner

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All the water in this establishment has been personally passed by the Manager’ runs a much-quoted notice in a hotel in India. Almost as famous is the roadside sign on the M40 motorway: ‘Emergency WC 20 miles.’

Thousands of such ‘literary banana skins’ are to be found on posters, in newsagents windows, in small ads, manufacturers’ instructions and government edicts. Their unintentional humour gives them a special place in the literature of miscommunication, and memorable examples are treasured by those who have come across them.

Selected with scholarly and joyous devotion, this subversive selection gathers together some of the best gems from all over the world. Every one, from ‘For sale: Both for baby with tin bottom’ to ‘Bed & Breakfast with Local Honey’, can raise a smile, and many a ripe belly laugh.

Without them, and without this hilarious book, the world would be a much duller place.