Customer relationship development – Ralf Blomqvist, Johan Dahl and Tomas Haeger

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· Based on a practical model that can be put into effect
· Requires only a small initial investment
A practical guide to achieving value from customer knowledge and applying it to develop better relationships with customers, better targeting of marketing effort, and increased cross-selling. The book’s importance lies in real experience of achieving success using customer knowledge. With the perceived failure of many large-scale customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives, the principles of CRM have been difficult to achieve in the real world. CRD is aimed at providing a guide for the rapid implementation of customer management techniques to quickly achieve an increase in cross-sale ratios and improved customer satisfaction. Using the processes described, this can be achieved for a relatively small initial investment, an important feature in current economic conditions. The book is based around a model that will progress financial services companies to achieving greater success from their investment in customer knowledge. The model draws on practical experience in the financial services, utilities, and other industries. It is a model that can help companies in the financial services sector (and elsewhere) to quickly improve their usage of customer knowledge and can be achieved in a cost effective and timely manner.




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