Brian and Me – Charles Collingwood


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Since 1975 Charles Collingwood has also been known as Brian Aldridge – ‘the JR of Ambridge’ – the upper-class charmer with more than a dash of naughty wickedness. Charles’ alter-ego has kept him pretty busy, from affairs and illegitimate children, to ventures into the sausage business. His long-suffering on-air wife is Jennifer, but in reality his wife is also his co-star, Shula, played by Judy Bennett, who he met over 25 years ago. Actor, wit and bonviveur, Charles Collingwood began his acting career after studying at RADA by working as an actor in rep theatre. In the mid-1970s he met Judy, who was already playing Shula in The Archers, and the rest is history. Aside from his most famous alter-ego however, Charles has also appeared in television shows, from Inspector Morse and Midsomer Murders to Roger Roger and Noel Edmunds’ Telly Addicts, and has guested on several radio shows, including Just a Minute and Quote Unquote. Brian and Me is the wonderfully funny and vibrant memoir of an all round entertainer.