A field guide to sea and coastal birds: Eggs and nests


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This compact guide looks at 64 species of birds, found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, which inhabit the open seas, sea islands and seacoasts and bodies of freshwater near the sea. The first section of the book describes the body structure of sea birds, their biology, unusual aspects of their migration, as well as “bird cliffs” and “bird islands”. The pictorial section which follows, depicts the individual species – either the male in his nuptial plumage or both the male and female in cases of marked sexual dimorphism, the characteristic egg and in some species also the nest. The accompanying text describes the biological characteristics of each species, its habits and nest structure. Also included is at-a-glance information on the individual bird’s voice or song, size of egg, average length of body and in some cases the wingspan and flight silhouette.




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