A country life book of the Royal Family – Godfrey Talbot


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“This is the story of the Royal House of Windsor, of how it came to take its name during the First World War and of the people who have since borne that name. For historical perspective it reaches back to the grandeur of the Victorian era and the gusto of Edward VII’s days, contrasting with these the time of the sensational Abdication crisis and those dark days of the Second World War during which George VI, with the support of his devoted wife, won for himself the respect and affection of a people he had never sought to rule. Another thread of the narrative discloses how the machinery of the Monarchy operates and what exactly it is. The unceasing duties of Sovereignty and of the Court of today are made clear, and a rare spotlight is trained on the unobtrusive Quiet Men who are the links between the Palace and the world outside its walls. Appointed the BBC’ s first Court Correspondent in 1948, Godfrey Talbot is particularly well qualified to write about the Royal Households and the people they serve. For two decades he accompanied members of the Royal Family on their overseas tours as well as covering State occasions at home and he is able 10 give an informed and up-to-date account of the lives of not only the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the other members of the ‘Buckingham Palace family’, but of their relatives too. The royal Gloucesters and Kents are here and the Mountbatten story is told – from the time of the Battenbergs to that tragic day in Ireland which brought the murder of the hero who was the Royal Family’s ‘Uncle Dickie’. But this is more than the story of individual royal personalities. It is in tact the story of our times, of two Great Wars and tremendous social upheavals, and of the part which Britain’s First Family have played and continue to play in the life of the country, the Commonwealth and the world.”




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