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The author was hired by the Imperial Ethiopian Government and sent into the remote Simien highlands of Ethiopia to found a national park and save the Walia ibex from extinction. For two incredible years he tried to cope with his monumental assignment amongst the proud and fierce hill tribesmen whose society was as ancient as the Old Testament, and for whom the ‘conservation’ desired by Addis Ababa meant only an abridgement of time-honoured freedom to hunt what they chose, to farm anywhere and everywhere. This is how Nicol persevered, fascinated by the challenge. Facing the violence, bribery, the involved politics of the high hills and the rising anger of the tribesmen, who resented their land being taken by the government to make a place for the animals. Nicol’s book brings alive two years of nonstop adventure Well worth a read.

hard back – some wear and tear to dust jacket – first edition – in good condition in view of age ( 1971)