3rd Birthday

To celebrate our 3rd birthday we are holding a coffee morning in the Go St Austell Shopmobility Unit 2nd floor of White River Car Park on Tuesday 5th November 2013 11.00am to 2.00pm.  Come along & see what we are about.  Everbody welcome.Students Unit

Close-up Magic


On Saturday 27th April top magician Paul Scott will be performing close-up magic in the Shopmobility Bookshop, Aylmer Square from 10.00am to 3.00pm.  He will be collecting on behalf of Go St Austell Shopmobilility.  Be there, don’t miss out , you’ll like it!

On Friday 15th March 2013, Red Nose Day, top magician Paul Scott will be performing close-up magic in the Shopmobility Bookshop Aylmer Square from 10.00am to 3.00pm.  He will be collecting for Comic relief.  Pop along and be amazed & amused & donate to this worthy cause.  You’ll like it!



 St Austell Zombie Walk

The St Austell Market House proudly presents the 2012nd St Austell Zombie Walk!

Join Zombie Hordes in St Austell on Wednesday 31st of October for the town’s second Zombie Walk. If you dare…

Zombie Walkers will meet at the Market House, Market Street, St Austell at 6pm when you can be helped with make up, scars and bites. We can even give you a full Zombie make over for just a couple of quid. At just after 7.00pm the Zombie Pirates of St Piran will rock you into the mood for your walk with Zombified Shanties and Songs encouraging you to howl in unison as you shuffle aimlessly around. The infected will then leave at 7.30pm to stagger off to Aylmer Square. All you need to do to join in is to turn up in your most horrific make up and throw gallons of blood onto your clothes. Spare body parts, entrails and limbs are optional, but encouraged!

The Walk through the streets will be led by “The Undertaker” heralded by the beat from the “Drummer of the Dead” who will be warning all innocent bystanders of the approaching horde. If you are of a nervous disposition, this gives you the chance to hide or avert your eyes. Last year, despite the torrential rain many of you huddled in shop doorways or beneath umbrellas to watch the spectacle of the Halloween un-dead. You will be protected from infection by the stewards. Well over 100 Zombies took to the streets! All in the name of charity. All monies raised will go towards the Restoration Appeal for the St Austell Market House. Please note that non-teens must be accompanied on the walk by an adult Zombie!

There will be a Mass Dance Routine at a secret undercover location in Aylmer Square. Choreographers will be there to help you with the moves to some horrendous music. Join in even if you don’t know the moves. Who cares, after all you are the spawn of the un-dead! The Walk will then return to the Market House.

For you late owls, the night of the un-dead will die after a rare showing of the titan of all Zombie films, the one every subsequent Zombie film since tried to match, George A Romero’s 1968 black and white classic “Night of the Living Dead.”

There will be prizes for the best made up male and female Zombie. So why not get together with your friends, what about a Zombie Football Team, or a Zombie Band or even Zombie Dr’s and Nurses, maybe a Zombie Scout Troop! Just let your imaginations run riot!

All Walkers pay just £2 each. If you wish to watch the film it will be a further £2.

For Further Information contact

Join our facebook group for latest updates facebook/groups/StAustellZombieWalk




Photo’s Terry Coles

Plympton Owls supported Go! St Austell on Saturday 8th September by raising money for the unit on our awareness day.  Our thanks go to Russ & the owls.