Take an Owl or Two - Molly Burkett book

Take an Owl or Two – Molly Burkett


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The Burkett family adopted two owls who could no longer survive in the wild and named them Boz and Owly. The birds learned to play their own special part in the life of the household. The Burketts, however, never wanted to make pets of wild creatures, only wanting to rescue them when abandoned or injured at a young age and then train them to fend for themselves. In the case of Boz and Owly they failed in this ambition. Though the owls retained some of their wild instincts, they invariably had to be rescued, sometimes near to death, from any extended period of independence. The book is full of anecdote and tells a true story with a point to make – pleading for a greater understanding of wildlife. Illustrated throughout  with line drawings by Julie Stiles.


Hardback  with a dust jacket protected by a polthene cover – an ex library copy  which is in  a good condition in view of its age (1979)