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Newrooms – Sally And Stewart Walton.


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NEW ROOMS Bring a new vitality and charm to your home with this beautiful book on home decorating with home makeovers more popular than ever before, the possibilities for change are almost endless. New Rooms can channel your dreams into simple and inexpensive solutions, thanks to its comprehensive range of projects for the whole room. Each room is addressed in turn, with a mixture of projects based on traditional and contemporary styles, and all the techniques are fully explained. So, whether you want to create a traditional country kitchen or a bedroom for a teenager, a stylish minimalist sitting room or a colorful playroom for a child, you will find a solution within this book. The ideas needn’t be exclusive to the section they appear in, however, and you will soon be using the ideas in completely different sections of your home. With clear and concise step-by-step instructions and illustrations, New Rooms is the perfect way to transform your ideas into the reality of your home.

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