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Midlife New Life-Judith Wills


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Mid Life New Life is the first practical book aimed at empowering people in mid-life. There are currently 11 million people in the UK between 35 and 60, many of whom may be wondering what life has in store for them in the future. By 2020 over half of us will be over 50! Packed with encouraging and unbiased advice, Mid Life New Life is a guidebook for people who want renewal, rejuvenation and new directions. There are features on how to renew your physical and mental energy and enthusiasm for life, how to eat for your age at forty, fifty, and sixty, how to avoid the style time-warp and protect yourself against the physical signs of ageing, and most importantly of all, how to live happily and healthily in the present and future. With a strong emphasis on practical ideas for health, looks and well-being – and brimming with quizzes and questionnaires, diet and fitness plans and useful hints and lists, this book helps you to embrace the positive aspects of your age and shows why mid-life can, and should, be the most exciting era of your life.