Inside the Body

Inside the Body-Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE


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The Internal workings of the human body may be familiar to doctors, but they are not generally regarded as attractive. However, this stunning book uses new imaging techniques to turn parts of the anatomy into full-colour works of art. The book is arranged in order of complexity. Beginning with Cells, the primary unit of the body and the building blocks of life, we move on to Tissues and Structures. These are made up of clumps of cells like muscle. The photographs then move on to Systems which comprise of more than one tissue type such as organs and glands. Organs and glands make up systems and it is the systems, like the circulatory and the nervous system, that regulate and make our bodies what they are. The final section is Brain and Senses. The brain uses different systems and tissues. The brain and the senses allow the human body to funotion in its environment and use all the structure mentioned above.

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