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Hurricane – Edward Bishop


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Overshadowed by the Spitfire in popular appeal, the Hurricane as this book demonstrates, made a greater and more widespread contribution to Britain’s war effort in the early and touch-and-go years of the Second World War than its more glamourised partner.
The Hurricane helped to save Britain from invasion in the Battle of Britain of 1940 in great numbers. its pilots scored more victories than all the other combined air and ground defences. In the critical part of the war the Hurricane operated overseas unaccompanied by the Spitfire. These episodes provide most of the enthralling episodes of the book. They include the desperate, ill-fated efforts to help Norway after the German invasion of 1940 at a time when they could least be spared from the defence of Britain; the despatch to Russia of a Hurricane Wing to operate within the Arctic Circle in defence of northern Russia ; the defence of Malta; operations in the Western Desert and Iraq; the defence of Singapore, Sumatra and Java and Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka ). It is no exaggeration that without the Hurricane in the numbers which were available, the Battle of Britain would have been lost. Succeeding campaigns and ultimate victory could not have been possible.

hardback – some wear and tear to dust jacket otherwise in good condition.