How to relieve the pain of arthritis – Anne Charlish


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Everyone who suffersfrom arthritis should read this new, groundbreaking publication by Anne Charlish – an award winning author and leading authority on the subject. How to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis covers all the latest breakthroughs in relieving pain and conquering this illness including the latest medical and natural treatments that provide relief. The book also shows you: How to protect yourself from arthritis and how to reduce the pain 17 foods you should always avoid and 7 types of food and drink that are good for you. 15 natural food supplements that you can take to help with the pain. What Glucosamine Sulphate really does and in what quantities you should take it. Exercise that gives you instant relief including specific programmes that suit your problem. A whopping 18 different ways to relieve the pain that don’t involve drugs. 5 simple methods to protect your joints. How all the different drugs work and their possible side-effects. Tai Chi, yoga, massage, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy,acupressure, herbal medicine, reflexology – how they could work for you plus many, many more alternative treatments. The place you live and whether that may be the cause of your problem. The latest helpful gadgets and mobility aids plus free help you can get from the government. And much, much more




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