How to Make love to the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life & Still Love It-Dagmar O’Connor


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Product Description

The busy lives we lead can sometimes affect our most important relationships – not least the one we have with our life partner. The pressures of career, financial worries and children often mean that the exciting, revitalising sex we used to have becomes a rare event.

The good news is that a monogamous partnership can easily lead to ultimate pleasure and ultimate sex. Commitment doesn’t have to equal boredom, and intimacy doesn’t always give way to routine. Society changes, but the challenges we encounter in our sex lives remain the same. Masters and Johnson-trained sex therapist Dagmar O’Connor offers expert advice in this fully updated practical and entertaining guide to overcoming common relationship pitfalls.

This best-selling sex therapy book has now been updated to include brand-new material on performance-enhancing drugs like Viagra and the latest safe-sex techniques. A must for anyone in a long-term relationship. Take the monotony out of monogamy!