Home Wine Making and brewing - B.C.A. Turner book

Home Wine Making and Brewing – B.C.A. Turner


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Whether you are a beginner, the proud possessor of a kit with a few samples to your credit or even a regular summer fruit enthusiast, this book will help. The book is set out in clear and simple  easy to follow way with the technical words being avoided or simplified wherever possible. Because of the clarity of the presentation,  it is easy to refresh you mind on the bits you know and concentrate on the problems that are troubling you. You will find recipes and techniques for using jams, syrups, tinned and dried fruit and more.  This book will show you in words and pictures just how to make palatable wine  as good as the best ‘vin extrordinaire’. Home brewers will also quickly realise that they can readily make beer as good as the best they can buy.


hardback  –  first edition – cover shows wear and tear and some foxing to pages – otherwise in good condition in view of age  ( 1970)