Griffin’s Way – Frank Yerby


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The Klan had no sense of right and wrong only a sense of superior and inferor … and they intended it to keep it that way. As the Grand Dragon of the Ku KluxKlan, Di Cadwallader is determined that in post-war Mississippi there will be no equality between the races even if he must murder women, children and liberal whites. Even Laurie Griffin, the wife of another man, who Cadwallader claims to love, is not safe from his murderous campaign in defense of white supremacy. Mississippi’s climate of evil is so compelling that the black man, sent to educate the children of ex-slaves, embezzles the funds he is given and amasses a personal fortune intending to flee North. This is a story about what actually happened in the South after the Civil War.


Hardback – no dust jacket  – some discolouration of pages – otherwise in reasonable condition in view of age (1962)