Experimental Physics – Alexander Efron


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This book is part of a series of Experimental Science and is ideal for boys and girls who wish to know the basic principles of physics. The experiments can be carried out at home using nothing more than ordinary household items. The experiments are completely safe and little or no previous knowledge is necessary. There is an opportunity to conduct experiments on solids, fluids, motion, light ,sound heat,magnetism and electricity. this book offers all the essentials of a fascinating hobby. The experiments in this book take the beginner along a straight-forward path at easy stages, which not only affords him or her considerable pleasure but entertainment for friends and a real insight into the fundamental laws of physics. The discoveries of Newton, Archimedes, Pascal, Coulomb and Ohm are recaptured in the experiments described in the book and the young physicist can begin to understand the underlying ‘laws’ of our physical environment. The book has 211 illustrations.

hardback – with wear and tear to dust jacket – school stamp inside front cover – in good condition