Eavesdroppings - Nigel Rees (editor) book

Eavesdroppings – Nigel Rees (editor)


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You simply have to keep your ears open. In cinemas, restaurants and pubs, on park bench, crossed telephone lines and tops of buses, bizarre overheard remarks rain down upon the innocent listener. People open their mouths and say things which leave the eavesdropper baffled, bemused and amazed. Thousands of listeners to Nigel Rees’s radio programme ‘Quote ….. Unquote’ treasure what they overhear and this collection, edited by the man who brought you three best-selling books of wall-scribblings, contains the funniest examples of ‘aural graffiti’. They range from the touching to the ridiculous, from the curious to the downright ignorant and draw upon the unfailing source of humour- Other People.

paperback – slight wear and tear to cover otherwise in good condition