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Dianetics – L.Ron Hubbard


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A rather overworked term: The subconscious. Not even the experts seem to really know what exactly is concealed in the depth of the mind; be it the power within us, or things, that imperceptibly influence our thoughts and emotions. Dianetics sheds light on these mysteries and lifts the curtain. Emotion, intuition, vitality, intelligence, self-confidence, and even physical health are very closely related to the subject. Just reading the book and finding out what is happening an inch behind your forehead, opens up a brand new perspective, much simpler and more clear than you ever thought. But Dianetics goes far beyond theory. It describes an easy to use procedure to give you access to your inner self. The success in its use made Dianetics an international bestseller, maintaining top positions for months and selling over 23 Million copies in 51 languages. For the practical application of the procedure it is recommended to also watch the corresponding DVD called How to Use Dianetics.