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Decorative Effects: Short Cuts to Designer Style-Jo Avison


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Do you live in a house with small, boxy rooms and low ceilings? Even so, you can transform your most humdrum room by using these simple decorative effects. Fire your imagination as you browse through the most popular designer looks — the ones the professionals use — especially adapted for people with limited budgets and conventional spaces to decorate. Make a narrow hallway look wider with paint selections and window treatments. Turn a tiny bathroom into an enjoyable space for leisurely lounging. Use a textured wall surface to create warmth and depth in master bedroom. Apply translucent paint to bring mystery and magic to your living room. And so much more. All the basic techniques for wallpaper, paint, and varnish are fully explained and colorfully illustrated. So are other imaginative approaches. including rag rolling, dragging, stamping, stencilling, paper techniques, murals, and more. Simple shortcuts, illustrated in over 200 drawings and photos, free you from complicated techniques and expensive materials, and show you easy ways to achieve stunning finishes.


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