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Cornish Cookery – Recipes of Today and Yesteryear – Vida Heard


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In this book the reader will find the story of Cornish Cooking, culled from the culinary lore of past and present. Former days of hardship that gave rise to some Spartan dishes receive  their mention too but the picture that emerges overall is of substantial diets colourfully prepared from the abundance of the land and sea harvest by resourceful  people. The author, who has written several Cordon Bleu books in South Africa, retired in 1978 to the Cornish village of her forefathers. The history of eating has always fascinated her and in these pages she tries to sort out fact from fiction, myths from Celtic common sense and , as always , sniffs out the best recipes of today.


paperback –  some discolouration of the edges of the pages otherwise in good condition