Commonsense Pilates-Emily Kelly book

Commonsense Pilates-Emily Kelly


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This is a clear and compelling at-home guide to developing a longer, leaner and healthier body with fast – and lasting – results. All the techniques are designed to be carried out safely at home by beginners. More advanced variations are included to challenge you as you progress. The routines are specially designed to help you reach your personal best. You can try the optimum, hour-long session or the 25-minute workout for when time is short. It features over 330 step-by-step photographs that illustrate each exercise clearly and concisely, capturing the elegance of the movements. All the exercises are illustrated with photographs, target muscle diagrams and checkpoints to keep you on the right track. Pilates works all the muscle groups in your body – with dramatic results. It can streamline your figure, making you look longer and leaner, give you incredible posture and physical presence, build up your strength and free you from any persistent little aches and pains. Pilates focuses on gaining muscle alignment, achieving a flexible spine and obtaining what is called “core strength” – when the abdominals and back muscles create a girdle of strength that supports your torso effortlessly. Whether you are a dancer, an athlete or a complete novice when it comes to exercise, Pilates can align your muscles and teach you balance with easy, efficient movements. Basic starter exercises and more advanced positions challenge you as you progress.