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Commenting Greats-Nicolas Sellens


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Commentating Greats pays affectionate tribute to the lives and careers of the most popular and influential sports commentators to appear on British television and radio in the last 80 years. As well as charting the development of the art of commentary from the very first trial broadcasts, Nicolas Sellens’ rigorously researched collection of 42 potted biographies delves into the dramas, controversies, clashes of ego and technical blow-ups that make sports commentating such a uniquely exhilarating profession. A highly enjoyable catalogue of both bon-mot and gaffe, this lavishly illustrated book is the definitive guide to arguably the most celebrated and talked about set of personalities in British broadcasting. “Crammed with anecdote and gaffe.” Daily Telegraph; “Generous, near-perfect biogs of more than two-score broadcasting legends from Alliss and Alston and Arlott to Walker and Waring and Wolstenholme.” The Spectator; “A fine analysis of commentators over the past 80 years and sheds fascinating light on a host of well-known personalities.”