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Christa Wolf – Eine Biographie – Jorg Magenau


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Christa Wolf is the only leading author of the world who is closely connected to the DDR. She was born in 1929 and grew up during the time of fascism in Germany but coming of age in the time of socialism. From an early time in her career her books, talks and essays often faced opposition from the authorities in the government of the DDR. The highlight of her political struggle came on November 4th 1989 when she was a speaker in the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Christa Wolf’s biography is not just her life story but also the story of the DDR. In the west she was identified with the peace and women’s movement. After the fall of the Berlin wall she was much criticised for her contacts with the Stasi in the 1950s and was discredited as an author of the state. This book is the first comprehensive biography about Christa Wolf’s public life.

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