Bharti Vyas with Jane Warren

Bharti Vyas-with Jane Warren


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Anti-ageing solutions from the leading holistic beauty therapist.

Simply Radiant is a book for every woman over 40. It tackles health and beauty issues, including menopausal symptoms, giving simple, practical self-help solutions.

The book has sections which cover the following:
• self esteem, sexual confidence
• food plan and 25 recipes incorporating plant
oestrogens (phytooestrogens contained in foods
such as soya), key vitamins and calcium
• hand, face and foot acupressure massage
• key beauty concerns that worry women including hair loss/unwanted body hair, wrinkles, skin
problems, and mid-life weight gain
• health concerns such as heart health,
osteoporosis, and menopause issues

The book will have colour tints and 50 illustrations as well as inspiring colour photographs of beautiful, interesting women of 35+ to start each chapter.