Belief Matters Pete Briscoe and Todd Hillard

Belief Matters – Pete Briscoe and Todd Hillard


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This is an approachable guide to the Apostles Creed, though I have to say that I was unclear in instances whether the book was just an individual study or a group study resource! This is due to the way it liberally intersperses Questions, Definitions, Quotations and Contemplations throughout the text. These though are good additions and certainly make it a usable group resource, or even catechesis tool if needed. It is easy to read and though informative it is not heavy and is definitely aimed at the broadest market possible. However this is not to its detriment. This really is a good book for pastors, group leaders, catechesis teachers, or even just anyone wanting to give more study to what really is one of the fundamental creeds in the Christian Tradition.




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