Baboons -survivors of the African continent - Louise Barrett book

Baboons – survivors of the African continent – Louise Barrett


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The most successful of African monkeys, baboons rank among nature’s hardiest survivors. Equally at home in the highlands of Ethiopia in the north and the coastal scrublands of the Cape of Good Hope in the south, these intelligent, inquisitive creatures can eat almost anything and thrive almost anywhere. The grass–eating baboon species, the gelada, survives in Ethiopia’s remote Simen Mountains. Across the rest of the continent, different subspecies of baboons have adapted to humid woodlands, dry savannas, deserts, and rainforests. Baboons have also shown a shrewd ability to live alongside humans–and, unlike so many other animals, even benefit from the association. This book paints a vivid portrait of baboons and their widely varying lifestyles: where the baboon lives and how the species manages to survive–and thrive–in such varying habitats; the social life of baboons, in which relationships often last entire lifetimes; the parenting habits of baboons, primarily displayed by the females; the complex social and survival skills the young baboons must learn; and the amazing social skills the baboon uses to avoid aggressive encounters within the social group. With its lively narrative style, attractive design, and appealing photographs Baboons informs and delights the reader. This highly readable and remarkable account, Baboons, is an authoritative study of the animals who have made themselves at home in so many contrasting environments throughout Africa. Based on the most up to date field research, the book presents a complete picture of baboons and their highly structured social groups. Topics range from the different noises and gestures baboons use to communicate, to parenting practices and the significance of grooming. Packed with fascinating facts and dramatic photographs, Baboons is one of three titles in a series about our primate relatives that has been published to inform and delight the reader.


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