Anthology of Modern Poetry - John Wain (editor) book

Anthology of Modern Poetry – John Wain (editor)


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This anthology of poetry contains 106 poems by a wide range of poets, including a wide range of poets from W.H. Auden to W.B. Yeats.The index of poets is arranged in alphabetical order with the page numbers for their poems next to each poet. This book is intended to serve two purposes at once. On the one hand ,it is frankly a textbook, offering an introduction and notes, the essential literary-historical information about modern poetry and in the selection of texts, the concrete evidence of what poetry has been between the 1870s to 1960s. On the other hand, it is meant to be read for pleasure. The poets are not grouped in’periods’, but dispersed in a pattern dictated by the poems themselves, so that the poems are seen in a relationship with one another and in a common relationship to the experience of life which is their starting point. The list of poets included in the anthology is as follows – W.H.Auden; Roy Campbell; E.E.Cummings; Babette Deutsch; Lawrence Durrell, Richard Eberhart; T.S. Eliot; William Empson; Robert Graves;Thom Gunn; Thomas Hardy; Geoffrey Hill; Gerard Manly-Hopkins; Ted Hughes; Elizabeth Jennings; Sidney Keyes; Carolyn Kizer, Stanley Kunitz; Philip Larkin, Robert Lowell; Norman MacCaig, Louis MacNeice; E.H.W. Meyerstein; Edwin Muir; Wilfred Owen, Sylvia Plath; Ezra Pound; John Crowe Ransom; Theodore Roethke; Stephen Spender; Wallace Stevens; Douglas Stewart; Allen Tate; Dylan Thomas; Terence Tiller; C.A. Trypanis; Richard Wilbur; William Carlos Williams and W.B. Yates.

hardback – no dust jacket – some foxing to pages inside front cover otherwise in good condition in view of age ( 1963) – first edition