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AA CityPack Hong Kong-Guide & Foldout Map-Joseph Levy Sheehan


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Product Description

This is a new edition guide to Hong Kong completely revamped, in this best-selling map and pocket guide series. Ideal for business and leisure, “CityPack Hong Kong” is succinct, with all the practical information you need. The guide has been completely revamped with new content design and layout. There are four main sections Essential Hong Kong, Hong Kong by Area, Where to Stay and Need to Know. The city has been broken up into colour-coded districts, with the colour-coding cross-referenced throughout each section. Essential Hong Kong starts with the Top 25 sights plus a locator map, then essential information to get the most of a short break in the city. Hong Kong by Area takes you through the city, district by district, with localised shopping and entertainment listings. Where to Stay picks the best hotels to suit your budget, with web addresses listed where available. Need to Know contains all the basics for a smooth-running trip. Each district within the city has a two-page, colour-coded locator map with sights listed. There is a fold-out map of the city contained within the guide.


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