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A Young Person’s Guide to Dressage – Jane Kidd


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Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian sport, especially among the young. They are discovering that it is a challenge in itself, and that the riding and training principles involved can help them to become more successful in all other mounted activities.
In Britain, the interest of young people was really highlighted when the Pony Rider Team won their first-ever medal in the 1994 European Championships – the only British dressage medal of that year. Despite this youthful interest, books on dressage are rarely directed at the young. Many are too complicated and over-technical for young readers, who welcome a straightforward, accessible style. Jane Kidd, who has a wealth of experience working with young riders, understands this very well. In writing A Young Person’s Guide to Dressage, she has looked at the topic from the viewpoint of her many pupils; the novices, the newcomers to dressage and the more experienced competitors, and has thus catered for the needs of a similarly wide readership.
A Young Person’s Guide to Dressage is the ideal reference book not only for the young rider, but for all who retain a youthful, exuberant approach.


Hardback – with dust jacket  – the book is in good condition