A Family of Foxes - Eilis Dillon book

A Family of Foxes – Eilis Dillon


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If there was one creature the people of the island hated it was the fox. Foxes were not only destructive, they were evil; they brought bad luck; some people even said they could change themselves into human beings. Patsy and his friends felt the same until the day they dragged two exhausted animals from the sea and then realized that they were foxes – strange grey creatures, not the red foxes of the island, but foxes all the same.
The animals were silver foxes and they had been on their way to the Zoo at Dublin when a storm blew up and they were lost overboard. Everyone on the island heard this on the radio, but only Patsy, Séamus, Michael and Colm knew that the foxes had reached land. The creatures were an enormous responsibility. They needed food and shelter, and above all they had to be kept hidden – in a community where everyone’s affairs were known to everyone else.
The boys’ struggle to care for their difficult charges makes a most exciting and sympathetic story, with a vividly described and fascinating background of island life.


Paperback –  in very good condition in view of age  (1991)