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1001 Nights Without Sex-Suzanne Schlosberg


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Suzanne Schlosberg calls it ‘the Streak’: 1001 days without sex. She’s going through the mother of all dry spells…a Sahara devoid of intimacy, committed relationships and even one-night stands. The question is why? Is she too picky, too bitchy, too shy? Has she been whacked with the ugly stick or does she have really bad breath? No, She’s a smart, good-looking freelance writer who, at 34, has inexplicably crossed that dreaded line from single to still single. Now, in hilarious detail, Suzanne chronicles the true story of ‘the Streak’ and her outrageous attempts to end it. She embarks on a nationwide search for the town with the most potential for hooking a date. She analyses her Internet suitors like a criminal profiler. She even buys a fishless aquarium, on the orders of her Feng Shui consultant. But still no sex and no boyfriend. When all else fails she goes global, taking her hunt from the South Pacific to the African wilds to the Arctic tundra. Ultimately she is forced to ask herself: do I really need a man to find happiness? For every woman who has endured the nightmare of endless dinner parties with ‘smug marrieds’ or the indignity of turning up to yet another friend’s wedding without a partner, 1001 Nights Without Sex is a riotous breath of fresh air.