100 Ways to Live to 100-Dr Roger Henderson book

100 Ways to Live to 100-Dr Roger Henderson


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With the astounding advances in medicine in recent years, the goal of living to 100 no longer seems so far-fetched. This book shows that reaching the target doesn’t have to mean long years of infirmity – or giving up the best things in life! Dr Roger Henderson draws on the latest medical research to describe 100 different ways in which you can improve your chances of a longer and healthier life – and of receiving the Queen’s congratulations on reaching a century! The book is full of invaluable advice and information in the areas of medicine, diet, lifestyle, natural remedies, and the mind, including: Learn the importance of screening for cancers: Find out about your blood pressure: Don’t worship the sun! What is the truth about the Mediterranean diet? Can a drink or two be good for you? Which vitamins can help prolong your life? Does homeopathy work? Keep a pet – or two; It’s never too late to change the way you live!